After planning permission is granted and Building Control.

Once planning permission has been granted, you must now get building regulations approval for your project.

The Building Regulations of 2010 apply to the majority of construction projects in England and Wales. The government’s basic technical requirements ensure that building work is correctly designed and constructed in accordance with various standards. The welfare of those who work in or reside in the building, public health and safety, and environmental norms are a few of these.

The following are the main topics covered by the Building Regulations 2010:

• Structural stability, which refers to a building’s capacity to carry expected loads safely without collapsing;
• Fire precautions, which cover both the building’s construction materials and its ease of evacuation in the event of a fire;
• The prevention of dampness and condensation;
• Sound resistance between dwellings;
• The ventilation of habitable rooms and unheated voids;
• Hygiene, drainage, and sanitary appliances.

Please be aware that, whilst building regulations may cover the minimum standards for a building’s safe construction, a contractor may meet the regulatory requirements whilst failing to meet the specific standards required by the customer.

According to the law, you or the builder must submit the appropriate application for building regulations and abide by them. You run the risk of being left in a dangerous building and facing legal action if you fail to do so.

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