Planning application types.

The most common planning application types used are “Full”, “Outline” and “Householder”, followed by .

A “Full” planning application is the most common application type and is supported by fully detailed drawings and technical reports. It can be used for a range of development proposals including changes
of use, extensions to existing buildings, or to propose a new building.

An “Outline” application is used before intricate drawings of your proposal are created. It is helpful to determine the council’s opinion on the principle of your proposal. Before you can start building, another application for “reserved matters” must be submitted for approval after submission and a positive response is received on the initial outline application.

“Householder” planning applications also include a category known as “Prior Notification”. These applications are used for extensions to dwellings.

Claxton Planning Services can advise you on which application type would best suit your proposal. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you require any type of planning service by emailing [email protected].