Planning Application process continued

You will have one year to submit a revised application after being invited to inquire about the changes you can make to undo the application’s rejection. You can, however, appeal the council’s decision by getting in touch with the Planning Inspectorate if you decide not to submit a revised application.

When should an appeal be made?

An appeal can be submitted to the Planning Inspectorate if the respective council has:

•refused your planning application;
•granted you permission but with conditions that you believe are unreasonable;
•refused approval for a project for which they had already given Outline Planning Permission;
•refused your proposal to comply with a specific planning condition;
•taken longer than 8 weeks to provide you with a decision on your application or longer than 12 weeks for more extensive;
•refused an application for the felling/topping of a tree subject to a Tree Preservation Order or those that lie within a conservation area.

The length of time you have in order to submit an appeal will vary depending on the type of application. It should be noted that any appeal not submitted within the allotted time is likely to be rejected so it is imperative that any appeal is made as soon as possible.

Householder planning applications

If you are a householder, you must file an appeal within 12 weeks of receiving your refusal notice. You have up to six months from the end of the deadline for the council to make a decision if it hasn’t already. Within six months of the decision’s date, an appeal against the planning conditions may be filed.

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