Planning application process.

Councils approve about 80% of planning applications, including 90% of those submitted by homeowners, which is good news for those looking to build or renovate.

You must typically begin construction within three years of receiving full planning approval for your proposal. On the decision notice the council may impose a shorter or longer time limit, depending on
the situation, and provide justification for their approach. You must reapply for permission before the time limit expires if you do not begin developing within this time frame.

The council will specify the matters reserved for approval and the deadline for submitting an application for these matters if you only requested outline planning permission.

The council’s decision may include additional requirements detailed in the conditions on the decision notice you must meet in order to receive planning permission in addition to a deadline for the
development to begin. Before you can begin working on the site, you might need to submit information about materials or apply for the discharge of relevant conditions.

A written application to the local council is required to discharge planning conditions. Claxton Planning Services can achieve this for you. Each application must be accompanied by a fee, but more than one condition can be included in an application, and Claxton Planning Services would be able to advise you accordingly on this matter.

It is worth noting that Enforcement action may result if the council rejects the application of planning conditions. In addition, a property’s sale may be postponed if the planning conditions are not met because buyers may ask for proof that you met them.

If your proposal is refused the decision notice will outline the council’s justifications for rejecting your application.

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